Cederroth Paramedical - a GMP approved pharmaceutical factory

We offer Contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals or food supplements, for human or animal use.
Full production concept from raw material to finished product.

  • Own research and development department
  • Own laboratory
  • Packaging in vials and/or blisters

About Paramedical

Paramedical was established in Denmark in 1979.
The Production facility was established in Lynge in 1985. The factory was from the start designed to meet the GMP standards. The GMP status was approved by the Danish Medicine Agency in 1986.
Since then, the factory manufacture human and veterinary medicine as well as food supplement, both own brands and on a contractual basis.
Today Paramedical is the primary manufacturing site for pharmaceuticals and food supplements, for the Cederroth Group, which acquired Paramedical in 2004.

About Cederroth

Cederroth is a strong and dynamic company with an extensive range of products covering health care, personal care, first aid and household sectors. In each product range, the company has numerous and very successful brands, providing a solid position in a highly competitive market.
Read more about Cederroth here.


Research and Development

Paramedical has a Research and Development department which is able to take part in developing new products, formulation, stabillity tests, up scaling of production etc.


Conducts various analyses of raw materials, semi-manufactured products and manufactured products, as well as formulation tests for new products and re-formulation of products.



Dry mixing of powders and granulates takes place in in this department. The department is equipped with a cone mixer with a capacity of 1200 kilos and a Forberg mixer with a capacity of 400 kilos. The room can also be equipped with mobile mixers with capacities from 50 to 300 kilos.


The granulation process includes:

  • Dry mixing and moistening in a Diosna intensive mixer
  • Drying and spray-granulation in a Glatt Fluid bed plant
  • Sieving of powders and granulates
  • Manufacturing of granulating liquids


The department consists of 5 tablet boxes. Three boxes are flexible as to type of tablet press and two are equipped with stationary tablet presses. The three flexible boxes can be equipped with the following tablet presses:

  • Killian
  • Manesty
The two stationary tablet presses are:
  • Fette 3102
  • Fette 2200


Paramedical offers different options for coating tablets, as well as manufactures the necessary liquids. The department is equipped with drying cabinets for drying of coated granulates and tablets. The department consists of three rooms with the following equipment:

  • Bohle Coater with a capacity of 350 kilo
  • Accela Coater with a capacity of 40 kilo
  • 5 Dragee drums


Plate tablet counting

The department is equipped with bottle raiser, cap feeder, label dispenser and shrink-wrapping. The line is flexible with regard to type and size of vials.

Electronic tablet counting

The department is equipped with bottle raiser, cap feeder, vision control, checkweigher, and label dispenser and shrink-wrapping. It is also possible to add a cartooning unit. The line is flexible with regard to type and size of vials.

Pharmaline Blister packing

The department is equipped with a blister packing unit with on-line printing. The final consumer pack is done is carried out by another department.

Marchesini Blister packing

The department consists of a blister packing unit and a fully automatic cartooning unit. The line is equipped with both vision control and checkweigher.

Powder/Granulate filling

We can meet any requirements for filling powder/granules, i.e. vials or buckets.


Our Logistic department takes care of all customer support from planning, purchase, warehousing and delivery.


Besides the production of our own products, Paramedical has for many years manufactured pharmaceuticals for human as veterinary as well as food supplements on a contractual basis, for the below companies:

Actavis GOSH Janssen
LEO Pharma Meda Medilink
Nordic Drugs Orion Pharma Phadia
Pharmaxim Vetcare


Natural Pharmaceuticals

  • Valerian for Sleep
  • Valerian for Stress
  • Echinacea for Cold
  • Horsetail for Water Retention
  • Antacid


  • Anti depressive - Human
  • Diabetes - Human
  • Infections- Human
  • Anxiety – Human
  • Packing of Pharmaceuticals
  • Anathelmintic – Vet
  • Selenium - Vet


  • Iron
  • Vitamineral (2 layer tablet)
  • Herbal Supplement
  • Calcium
  • Ginseng
  • C-Vitamin
  • B-Vitamin
  • Various Multivitamins
  • Omega 3 fish oil


How did it all start?

Paramedical was established by Professor Flemming Nørgaard.
The core business was to sell LongoVital a multivitamin tablet (combined the herbs with the recommended daily dosage of vitamins).
In the first years LongoVital was manufactured on contractual basis. But in 1985 own Production facility was established in Lynge. Right from the start the factory manufactured human and veterinary medicine as well as food supplements.

Up to 2003 the factory operated under the name Parapharm, but was fully owned by Paramedical.
In 2004 the company was acquired by Cederroth AB
In 2007 the manufacturing of all Pharbio natural pharmacutical products was taken over from Cederroth production site in Gothenburg.
In 2012 the manufacturing of Samarin - a registered drug against stomach acid – was taken over from Cederroth production site in Stockholm.


Cederroth Paramedical is a company with extensive experience and know-how. Our well-known products are used by millions of people. Working at Cederroth Paramedical means: Taking responsibility, having an impact and making a difference. We are one of the few companies in our industry where you as an employee are part of a process that spans the entire value chain from idea to finished product. We offer a workplace with many different career paths and opportunities in several countries. We nurture an open culture, enabling employees to be empowered, take responsibility and be passionate about achieving results that are above the ordinary.

We are always interested in finding qualified and highly motivated applicants who would like to become part of our team and join us on our road to success. You can register your CV with us by sending it to: job.paramedical@cederroth.com We will contact you if a suitable position becomes available.


Cederroth Paramedical A/S | Vassingerødvej 3-7 3540 Lynge | +45 43 66 40 00 | info@paramedical.dk

Christian Holst Managing Director +45 20 96 03 61
Asbjørn Dahlberg Plant / Finance Director +45 40 82 37 47
Søren Seerup Production Manager +45 41 86 10 08
Henrik Nielsen Logistics Manager +45 40 88 34 17
Andrzej Grzegorczyk Quality Assurance Manager +45 41 86 10 06
Henning Møller Knudsen R&D Manager +45 40 88 25 49
Henrik Lynggaard Technical Manager +45 25 46 85 29